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Change Landing Page Yii Framework

In certain conditions, we want the first page of our application dodirectly into actual applications,but we want toexplain in detail the application.
Todo that wecan redirectthe applicationto a specific pageby changingmain.phpat thedirectoryconfig.

Example :

return array( ...'defaultController'=>home/index, ... );


Export and import big data mysql with mysqldump

To export big data on mysql use this command:
# mysqldump -u [username] -p [databasename] | gzip > [filename.sql.gz]
To import big data on mysql
First you must extract compress file  [filename.sql.gz] to [filename.sql]

#mysql -u  [username] -p
mysql> use [databasename];
mysql> source path/to/[filename.sql];  If your data is too big, the import process can be used long time, wait until finished. If not you must try from Import process.