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Problem Module squidguard - webmin

In my office all accessing to internet through proxy server squid which installed Opensuse 10.3.
Because accessing our internet is only limited at outside office hours, hence at our proxy squid is using Helping programs that is squidguard. This matter is done to facilitate arrangement access time.
Moment determine time access this through our Webmin meet mistake message like this:

Error - Perl Execution failed
Undefined Subroutine & main::chown called at / usr/libexec/webmin/squidguard/save_weekly.cgi lino 63

I check file save_weekly.cgi at line 63 and change &chown($config{conf}) by & sgchown($config{conf}).
Error above disappearing.

This is simple tips from me hopefully good for reader.

Bonding in opensuse 10.3

Bonding is method to join 2 or more network card become one logical network.
In opensuse 10.3 procedure to do bonding very easy. So long as all the network card have been recognized better.
Its procedure is - Through Yast -> Network Card
-At tab General set :
Active Device = Never
-At tab Address = No IP address ( for Bonding Devices)
-From Overview -> Add - At Hardware dialogue
Device Type = bond
Bond Slaves = check all network card
Bond Device option = choose mode of bonding the desired ( balance-rr, active-backup, etc)
After setting have Restarted Opensuse linux.
Now your network is ready to use.

More about bonding :
- Net:Bonding - The Linux Foundation
- Bonding Ethernet Interfaces in Linux