Bonding in opensuse 10.3

Bonding is method to join 2 or more network card become one logical network.
In opensuse 10.3 procedure to do bonding very easy. So long as all the network card have been recognized better.
Its procedure is - Through Yast -> Network Card
-At tab General set :
Active Device = Never
-At tab Address = No IP address ( for Bonding Devices)
-From Overview -> Add - At Hardware dialogue
Device Type = bond
Bond Slaves = check all network card
Bond Device option = choose mode of bonding the desired ( balance-rr, active-backup, etc)
After setting have Restarted Opensuse linux.
Now your network is ready to use.

More about bonding :
- Net:Bonding - The Linux Foundation
- Bonding Ethernet Interfaces in Linux


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