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KDE 4.0 and Opensuse 10.3

At date 17-19 januari 2008 KDE 4.0 has been launching in Google campus. This Window Manager have been long enough been waited for by Linux lover. Considering success from KDE 3.0.

I also have waited KDE 4.0. Therefore I try for install into Opensuse 10.3 through link Opensuse-Kde.
Installation felt so quickly.
But there is a few/little problem when I change background image. Every I change background image always become to turn white.
New Background will be seen if me 'relogin'.
As a whole running KDE 4.0 in Opensuse 10.3 rather make to confuse. Considering that widget-widget still be difficult to controlled.
I hope there is update for next release. Because moment of this blog I made, KDE 4.0.2. has been release too.