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Tips : Install Mandriva Linux 2008.1 Free Edition On Acer Aspire 4520 Notebook

Mandriva is beautiful Linux Desktop. When I install this Linux on Acer Aspire 4520 there is not run correctly.

After install on the notebook, there go to Terminal. No KDE will appear. Only command prompt :(.
This happen because X windows detect invalid driver for this Notebook.

To correct this error, you must edit X window configuration.

1.From terminal after your boot.
Login as root.
# su
Type your root password.
2.Edit xorg.conf using vi.
# vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf
3.locate for Section “Device”
change option Driver “nv” to Driver “vesa”
4.Save the file.
5.Restart your Notebook.

Now you can running Mandriva. You can also setting Network using wireless or wired. This is the first linux where I can run wireless Network with ndiswrapper.

Tips : Install Skype 2.0 on Opensuse 11.0

1. Download Skype for Opensuse.
2. Save file on Desktop.
3. After finish dowload. Right click download file and from Pop up select 'Open with “Install software”'.
4. Now You has bee install Skype for linux. Searh on 'New Application' or 'Internet' Groups Application.

Tips : Install Google Earth on Opensuse 11.0

1. go to Google Earth site in here.
2. Download google 4.3 earth (beta) for linux.
3. Go to Terminal.
4. Change user to root.
# su
type root password.
5. Change permissions to executable.
5. From terminal type : ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin
6. Follow Installation Instruction from Installation screen.
7. Running Google Earth.