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Tips : Name server setting is solved

Such as those which I have ever posting in this blog hit problem setting name server in Opensuse 11.0 that will never conducted. Finally I get its answer.

To solve this problem is I do following step:
1. From Yast.
2. Network Devices → Network Settings → on ‘Overview tab’, select ‘Ethernet Network Card’ → Click Edit
3. on ‘Network card Setup’ → select ‘Address’ → Change to ‘Dynamic Address DHCP’ → Next.
4. On ‘Network Settings’ → select ‘Hostname/DNS’ → uncheck ‘Update DNS data via DHCP’ → change ‘Name server 1,2,3’ with your Names server.
5. on ‘Overview’ tab, select ‘Ethernet Network Card’ → Click Edit
6. on ‘Network card Setup’ → select ‘Address’ → Change to ‘Statically assigned IP Address’ → Change ‘IP Address’ and ‘Subnet mask’ → Next → Finish.
Now the problem have been overcome and network/internet felt faster then connect via Proxy Server

Network problem on Opensuse 11.0

After Opensuse 11.0 setup. I wanna to online update that.
But DNS cannot setting via gui or manual. So my Opensuse can not connect and update directly.
Now my Opensuse Linux update via proxy. ;)
I don't know why this happen. Now I wait Opensuse 11.0 correct this problem/bug.