Mandriva Linux 2010 has been launch

Do you like Mandriva Linux? Now Mandriva Linux 2010 has been launched and they say 'Discover the brand new Smart Desktop'.

What's new in Mandriva Linux 2010 is :

  • The latest versions of the best of Open Source now available: Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3, OpenOffice.Org 3.1, KDE 4.3.2, GNOME 2.38, kernel 2.6.31
  • Your netbook has 100 % support: you can install your environment with a few clicks using a USB key, and the environment is completely adapted to this platform. Go even further with Moblin, the environment dedicated to mobility.
  • A higher performing control center enables you to administrate your machine with no fuss. Configure your network connexion (wifi, 3G...), use your multifunction printer, migrate your data from Windows to Linux, access a directory stacked with 20,000 software packets.
  • Multimedia : Watching TV programmes, films and other videos becomes a child's game!

Download Mandriva Linux 2010 here. And Enjoy 'Smart Desktop'
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